Anastasia Scudamore    

Lives and works in London                                             

b,1991, London UK                                                        

Represented by ARTIQ and Degree Art


Camberwell College of Arts , BA (Hons) Painting, London, 2011-2014

Anastasia deconstructs colour, form and space through geometric shapes using a very minimal and delicate process. Influenced by abstract expressionism and minimalism her works aim to display painting as pure abstraction and solely about the relationships of colours. Through using the medium spray paint she creates a soft and flat surface making the focus on the different stark shapes and colours and how they display movement, harmony and even discord. The colour combinations are thought out through her travels and surroundings which are deconstructed through her distinctive minimal style.

Her thought process has been influenced through the way artists challenged whether there should be any association with representation and visual imagery, focusing purely on materials, process and form, the connection between the artist, the viewer, the artwork and it’s surrounding. These elements are important in the development and practice of the way each painting is thought out creating individuality and personality.

Anastasia aims at expressing control with spontaneity, form with composition, colour with surface, abstraction with structure within painting.